The Brewery

The Brewery

Tradition, innovation and thirst quenchers

A visit to the Müller brewery offers a unique insight into Baden's brewing heritage. In the large vats they brew one of the most famous beers of the region: the "Müllerbräu".

The Brewery Highlights
Visit the brewhouse, fermenting and storage cellar of the Müller brewery and enjoy a sip or two of beer!

Meeting point: Dynamostrasse 8, 5400 Baden
Duration: 1.5 hours
Founded in 1897, Brauerei Müller AG stands for innovative brewing with traditional recipes. On the tour past pans, vats and huge storage tanks, you will discover fun and exciting facts from the world of beer. Of course, anyone who's thirsty is welcome to try some of the “yellow gold” at the end. The secrets behind what "honeymoon" has to do with beer or why the breweries were built in the 19th century in the style of castles will be revealed.

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