Badenfahrt Festival

Badenfahrt Festival

The highlight in the city calendar

The Badenfahrt is Switzerland's largest municipal folk festival and radiates far beyond the region. No wonder, because it only takes place once every ten years! It is also the time in which the "Baden spirit" is particularly strong…
To give you a visual idea, imagine a second city is being built within the city! A series of restaurants, installations, stages and bars are built on the streets and in the alleys. All of them designed, planned, constructed, decorated and operated by countless volunteers. Everyone contributes to the unique character of this tradition.

By the way, the name "Badenfahrt" comes from the Middle Ages, when one went to the thermal springs of the city to bathe. It all began in 1923, when a great celebration was held marking the end of the First World War and celebrating the Peace Congress of 1714. The close kinship and sense of community the people of Baden share was commemorated.

One of the bigged city festivals in Switzerland
10 days of pure joie de vie

Next Badenfahrt: 18. - 27. August 2023

This sense of community is still the core of the festivities today. Every ten years, the residents reflect on this and celebrate the Badenfahrt Festival together. In the meantime, the festival has spread to all parts of the country and received around one million visitors when it was last held in 2017. Since 1972 and 1982 respectively, so-called "small" Badenfahrts take place 5 years after the main Badenfahrt.

In August 2023, a big anniversary is coming up – 100 years of the Badenfahrt! One thing is for sure: this is going to be an awesome party!

Badenfahrt 2023

In August 2023, a big anniversary is coming up - 100 years of Badenfahrt! The motto is "NEO-": It unites past, present and future. The motto allows new interpretations, connections and shows the changeability of the festival. "NEO-" honors the 100 years of the Badenfahrt and looks back on history and tradition. At the same time we are on the threshold of the next century of the Badenfahrt and with the motto we form a bridge, a connection to the future. The festival area extends over the entire city. For the first time, the bathing district is part of the area. The generous spatial planning gives the individual buildings, stages and implementations more space for encounters and exchange.

NEO - Badenfahrt 2023


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