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Thermal water for everyone!

Whether you head here after work or come for a leisurely dip on Sunday morning, the Bagno Popolare is open nearly every day of the year and is free of charge.
For thousands of years people have been bathing in the hot springs at the bend of the Limmat river. At some point in time, however, the thermal water was not accessible to the public anymore, instead serving as an exclusive setting for the wealthy elite. The Bagni Popolari Association’s goal is to make the thermal baths available to the general public again. The Association installs temporary open-air thermal water baths throughout the heart of Baden’s spa district for all to enjoy, free of charge.

News: Bad zum Raben exhibition "the touch of things"

As early as 1299, the "Raben" (raven) is cited in writing as the first bath inn in Baden. Its baths remained operational for 700 years until the hotel was closed down. In the exhibition the touch of things artists stage their view of the body and relaxation in the bathrooms of the former "Raben". The exhibition, "the touch of things" poses burning questions : What does community mean in 2021? How do we currently think about intimacy? How do we experience community in the isolation of the current global pandemic?

Three different bathing rooms – an individual, family and social bath - allow you to experience a journey of your own body back to three typical epochs of Baden bathing culture all while being immersed in the warm water.
Cloakroom and showers are available. Due to the current situation, no indoor bathing options are available! The large thermal pop-up bath "Bagno Popolare" is closed for the time being due to construction work.

the touch of things
27. March 2021 – 29. May 2021
Octobre 2021 – December 2021

Opening hours:
Thursday and Saturday 4 p.m. - 8 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Kurplatz 3b

Open-air thermal bath

You can find the open-air thermal bath of Bagno Popolare in front of the former "Raben".

How to get there

The Bagno Popolare changes its location every now and then. At the moment it can be found in Baden in front of the former "Raben".
Please shower at home and follow the bathing rules on site.

Association Bagni Popolari

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